The Dizzying Descent | Shell Beach, CA

On a recent visit to the Central Coast of California my mom and I made a point of taking several morning walks on the beach. One morning, in Shell Beach, we climbed down this steep staircase. It is well-built and sturdy, but the descent was definitely steep. Once at the bottom, we walked carefully out onto the slippery rocks to take in the view. The tide was high so we couldn’t go far.

The Dizzying Descent | Shell Beach, CA

I noticed a couple of things at the bottom….like this seal sitting 20-30 feet offshore.

Seal | Shell Beach, CA | You're being watched.
You’re being watched.

And this colorful bit of seaweed, trapped in a tiny tide pool.

Tide Pool Detail | Shell Beach, CA

I had hoped to return to this spot at low tide to do some long exposure shots, but never made it back.

This awesome, rocky location is on my to-do/to-shoot list for my next trip. I never seem to have enough time on the Central Coast.

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