Daisies and Dew Drops

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One summer morning I braved the heat and humidity to take a few photos. I noticed dewdrops on my neighbor’s daisies – these lovelies were calling my name. 

The moment I stepped out the door both my glasses and camera lens fogged up (yay humidity + nearly 90°F) but I was prepared with my handy microfiber cloth. Until my camera adjusted my creative process went something like this: wipe camera lens – focus – wipe lens – focus again – take a picture – foggy – repeat.

I did manage to get one with, we’ll call it “Nature’s Filter”, as the fog on my lens actually made a cool effect.

Daisies and Dew Drops with Nature's Filter (a.k.a. humidity)
Nature’s Filter (a.k.a. humidity)

Once the fog on my lens cleared I was able to get a few nice macro shots. It felt good to stretch my creative legs…something I haven’t done in a while since I’m a delicate flower in the hot/humid weather.

Daisy with Dew Drops


Daisy with Dew Drops


Daisy with Dew Drops


Daisy with Dew Drops

All of the photos above were captured with my tripod mounted Canon 7D and 60mm Macro lens. Processing was done exclusively in Lightroom.

2 thoughts on “Daisies and Dew Drops

  1. Nice series of images. I especially like the last one and how you progressively got closer and closer to your subject. I fell in love with macro photography many years ago and over the past couple of years I’ve become enamored with abstract macro. There is just something about getting so close that your subject begins to breakdown into lines, colors, and shapes. Found your site while searching for what other photographers are doing and/or have done in my favorite genre.

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