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The photo above has become one of my favorite photos from my trip to Paris in 2007. However, it took me several years to realize its potential. The original snapshot was fairly dull – just a memory photo, but not one for the portfolio – until I ran it through Topaz Simplify. The pop art look and bright colors transformed this image, and reflect the excitement and awe I was feeling at the time as we explored the neighborhoods of Paris. See the before & after here.

More than just Digital Art

Topaz Simplify is great for easily and quickly creating digital art – from a coloring book effect, to a graphic painting – however, it also has more subtle uses that can be used to remove detail and simplify any subject such as smoothing water or skin.

Selective Adjustments

One of my favorite features of Topaz Simplify is the ability to work selectively – meaning that I can apply an effect to just a certain area of a photograph, rather than globally to the entire image, without having to work with layers and masking in Photoshop. It works great on long exposure shots for enhancing the smooth texture of water without affecting the areas of the image where I want to keep detail.

30% Off Topaz Simplify

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