Channeling Ansel Adams | La Jolla, CA

Channelling Ansel Adams | Black and White | Long Exposure | La Jolla, CA

When I hear the name Ansel Adams, I think about stunning black and white photos of Yosemite National Park. Every time I create a black & white photo I hope that maybe one day, one of my photos will have a hint of the impact that I see and feel when I look at Ansel Adams’ photographs.

The photo below was taken in La Jolla, CA just before sunset. I used my B+W Neutral Density Filter to slow the exposure down to 15 seconds (at f/7.1, ISO 100). Once I had the photo on the computer I made minor adjustments in Lightroom and then transitioned to OnOne Perfect B&W for the black & white conversion.

Channelling Ansel Adams | Black and White | Long Exposure | La Jolla, CA

I titled this post “Channeling Ansel Adams” because the preset I started with in OnOne Perfect B&W was “Ansel in the Valley“. I made a few adjustments to the exposure, lightened the shadows, and reduced the grain, but overall was pretty happy with this preset. I’m not Ansel Adams, but I think this Adams-inspired preset worked well for this image.

What do you think?

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