One Night in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Bridge at night

It had been years since I’d spent any quality time in San Francisco, but on my last trip to California my mom and I decided to take one night of our adventures to stay in the city.

Dreamy Morro Bay

Dreamy Morro Bay

I wasn’t sure if I should title this post Dreamy Morro Bay or Dreaming of Morro Bay…both work for me. I captured and processed these Morro Bay photos with a dreamy feel, and as I sit here in my air-conditioned cocoon in hot and humid Virginia I’m quite literally dreaming of Morro Bay.

Unexpected Milky Way

Milky Way | Edna Valley | California

Late one evening, not long after I’d arrived in California, I was sitting on my parents sofa whilst watching tv, drinking vino, and scrolling through amusements on my iPhone. I…Read More

A Rainy Day in Harmony

Cow Public Art | Harmony | California

Harmony, CA – Population 18 One of the most charming wide spots in the road is Harmony, California. This tiny town, founded in 1869 around dairy farms and a creamery,…Read More

Glimpsing Cape Charles

King Neptune Sculpture | Cape Charles, VA

glimpse ɡlim(p)s/ noun – a momentary or partial view My visit to Cape Charles was brief. Too brief. Mom & I barely had time to scramble down to the beach for a few…Read More

Explosions of Water | Morro Bay, CA

Explosions of Water | Morro Bay, CA | Huge waves breaking over seawall

The waves exploding over the breakwater in Morro Bay this morning were awesome!             Pretty amazing, right? Have a beautiful weekend! SaveSave SaveSave