I can’t handle the cuteness

Children Lifestyle Portrait

3 under 3

These are my cousin’s kiddos. Now, I might be a bit biased, but they are just toooooo cute! I went to visit them back in March and have since been trying to pick my favorites out of several hundred photos.

All three of these boys have such different personalities. This guy LOVED the camera. Such a ham. He’ll be my photographer-in-training.

Children Lifestyle Portrait

His twin brother wasn’t so fond of me following him around with the camera. Mostly he just refused to look at me, but I finally got this shot. Eyes, smiling…melts my heart!

Children Lifestyle Portrait

And then there is their baby brother. He is quite possibly the happiest baby I’ve ever met! So many smiles!! He’s a pretty awesome snuggle and nap buddy, too.

Children Lifestyle Portrait

Children Lifestyle Portrait

Children Lifestyle Portrait

I think its time to go visit these guys again. Love my family!!

Capture & Processing Notes

All of these photos were captured handheld with my Canon 6D and 24-105 lens. I set the camera to shutter priority (TV), often at 1/200+ second with auto-ISO to freeze fast-moving toddlers. It worked out really well. The 6D has remarkable low-light and high-ISO performance. Combined with excellent options for reducing noise in post (i.e. Topaz DeNoise & Noiseless) I came away with many keepers. Most of my processing was done in Lightroom and On1 Photo 10.

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  1. Hintwins on May 7, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    Great pictures Ang! We know we are not the easiest models to work with, but thank you for hanging tough. We loved your visit and look forward to the next one:)

    • Angela Andrieux on May 7, 2016 at 1:31 pm

      Are you kidding? You guys are my favorite models!! I’m so glad you like the photos. I’ll look at the calendar and try to make it down there again in the next month or so.

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