Big Update for Topaz Clarity!

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Topaz Clarity is now part of Topaz Studio!

One of my all-time favorite photo editing plugins, Topaz Clarity just got a big update and is now available as an add-on to Topaz Studio.

Not familiar with Topaz Studio? Click here to read my review.

Processed with Topaz Clarity | Barn and Vintage Truck | Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum | Vista | California
Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum | Vista, CA | Processed with Topaz Clarity

Improvements to Topaz Clarity include:

  • Faster startup and processing
  • Equalization Controls to help control lighting contrast (Found in Precision Contrast –>Lighting–>Equilization)
  • NEW Color Sensitivity slider: controls how whites and grays in your image are impacted by color in your image
  • NEW Detail slider: helps recover detail lost from increasing the brightness of the overall image or in a specific color channel
  • NEW Suppress Artifacts slider: helps reduce detail-killing artifacts that are introduced as you crank up saturation values in a particular channel.
  • Improved Contrast Contrast and Lightness Controls
  • Access to all of the free tools in Topaz Studio such as selective masking and blending as well as any Pro Adjustments you have already purchased.
Ocean Beach Pier at Sunset | San Diego | California | Processed with Topaz Clarity
Ocean Beach Pier at Sunset | San Diego, CA | Processed with Topaz Clarity

Add Clarity in Studio to your workflow

Save 15% on the the Topaz Clarity Pack for Topaz Studio when you use my coupon code “angandrieux”. Not quite ready to buy? Try Clarity in Studio FREE for 30 days!

Click here to purchase the Clarity Pack for Topaz Studio

Already own the Topaz Clarity plugin? Your upgrade is FREE! You’ll need to download Topaz Studio (if you haven’t already) to access the update.


Stormy La Jolla | California | Processed with Topaz Clarity
Stormy La Jolla, CA | Processed with Topaz Clarity

Using Clarity in Studio as a Lightroom or Photoshop Plugin

To access Topaz Clarity in Studio via Lightroom go to Photo–>Edit In –> Topaz Studio. Once Topaz Studio opens you’ll find Clarity in the Specialty Workflow panel on the left of the screen.

To access Topaz Clarity in Studio via Photoshop go to Filter –>Topaz Studio –> Clarity.

Need more help getting set up with Topaz Studio and Clarity in Studio? This article on the Topaz website got me up and running.




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