The Beauty of Darkness & Light

I captured this photo last week whilst sitting in my breakfast nook. If you follow me on Instagram (@angandrieux), you might have seen another version of this same photo, a quick process on my iPhone. Yesterday I brought it into my computer and worked the photo with Lightroom and the result captivates me. I am struck by the beauty in the stark contrast of dark to light.

Red Gerbera Daisy
“Where there is much light the shade is deepest.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Beauty Exists Everywhere

There is a drama and duality to this photo. Half dark, half light. For me, this photo is about recognizing that beauty exists everywhere, but not to dwell in darkness. My eye is drawn to the right of the image – the light – and for me, that is where I want to spend most of my time.

Capture & Processing Notes

This photo was captured with my Canon 6D and 50mm f/1.8 lens using only natural light. Processing was done exclusively in Lightroom.

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