Avila Beach, CA | A little slice of heaven

Avila Beach, CA | Foggy Morning | Long Exposure

Avila Beach…I wish I was there right now…

I was lucky to spend a couple of hours one morning last week in one of my favorite beach towns: Avila Beach, CA. The air was cool, the water was warm, and the morning fog was just starting to break.

Back to Reality

And now I’m home, trying to catch up from two crazy, busy, awesome weeks in California. We (hubbie & I) worked our way from San Diego to the Napa Valley and visited family along the way. Since this trip was family-centric, I didn’t get out to shoot as much as I would have liked…priorities I suppose. 😉 However, I did get to spend a little bit of time with my camera and my mom (also a photographer) at the beach.

More photos from my trip, coming soon!

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