All that remains | Stairway to Nowhere | Pismo Beach, CA

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The Stairway to Nowhere

Remember that stunning spiral stairway to nowhere I photographed in Pismo Beach?

This is all that remains…

All that remains of the Stairway to Nowhere | Pismo Beach, CA
All that remains of the Stairway to Nowhere | Pismo Beach, CA

Pretty sad, right? I’m so glad I was able to photograph it before it was dismantled. You can see those photos here and here.

Supposedly there are plans to rebuild it and make it functional again, but who knows if that will ever come to fruition. It would take huge amounts of $$ to make that happen, but it would be pretty cool if someone was able to pull that off. Read more about the proposed reconstruction here.

The photo above was a handheld HDR (3 bracketed shots) captured in November of 2015. I processed the photo with Aurora HDR Pro and Lightroom.

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