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Adding Depth & Definition to your photos with Topaz Clarity

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Important Update:

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Villa Patti | Caltagirone | Sicily

I love going through my photos from years past and finding treasures…like this beautiful palazzo (Villa Patti) located on the outskirts of Caltagirone in Sicily.

I originally shared it on my old blog back in 2008, but I decided it needed to be freshened up using the techniques and software I now have at my fingertips.

First steps: Lightroom

I started with my RAW file in Lightroom. I clicked “reset” to remove earlier adjustments and bring it up to “Current Process (2012)”. I made slight adjustments including lens correction, white balance and added a bit of clarity.

Villa Patti | Pink Palazzo | Caltagirone | Sicily | Italy | Lightroom Before and After

Next: Topaz Clarity

After I completed my preliminary adjustments in Lightroom I opened the photograph in Topaz Clarity. I clicked through various presets to find one I liked and then used that as a starting point – I chose “Sunny Day” under the Landscape category. I was pretty happy with the results after minor adjustments to the contrast and HSL settings.

Villa Patti | Pink Palazzo | Caltagirone | Sicily | Italy | Topaz Clarity Before and After

Final Adjustments: Lightroom

After saving my changes in Topaz Clarity I moved back into Lightroom for sharpening and a slight adjustment to the blue sky – it was a bit too intense for me so I toned it down a little. That’s it, finito!

Villa Patti | Pink Palazzo | Caltagirone | Sicily | Italy | Processed with Lightroom and Topaz Clarity

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