7 Ways Luminar Flex can Boost Your Workflow

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Introducing Luminar Flex

Luminar Flex is a photo editing plugin designed by the makers of Luminar 3, for those who already have a comfortable asset management solution. It provides photographers the option to edit their photos with Luminar’s wide array of creative tools and filters without the added weight of the library.

Below are seven features/reasons Flex is a great addition to my photography toolbox and why it can boost your workflow, too.

1. Luminar Without the Library

The library module in Luminar 3 is great, but if you already have a solid asset management strategy (such as Lightroom) the library is superfluous. Luminar Flex is built for plugin workflows and has the same editing capabilities without the unnecessary functionality of the library module.

2. Luminar Flex Plays Well With Others

Since it is designed specifically for plugin workflows, Flex will work flawlessly with Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Apple Photos, and Aperture. It can also be set up as an external editor with other applications such as On1, Capture One, and more.

3. Add Layers and Masking to Lightroom and Apple Photos

Lightroom and Apple Photos have great editing capabilities built-in, but they both lack the option of working with Layers. Layers and masking tools in Flex allow photographers to make selective adjustments, and blend in other elements such as textures for a truly unique work of art.

4. Make Use of the Smart Object Workflow in Photoshop

In addition to using Luminar Flex as a traditional Photoshop plugin, you can now also make use of the Smart Object Workflow. This makes Flex changes re-editable!

To enable the Smart Object Workflow, designate a Photoshop layer as a Smart Filter. Next, launch the Luminar Flex plugin as normal to make edits. When you return to Photoshop you can double-click on the layer and return to Flex with all edits intact.

5. 50+ Tools and Filters at your Fingertips

Luminar Flex is well equipped with more than 50 advanced tools and filters to help you craft your photos any way you wish.

6. Leverage the Power of AI

Luminar has several AI-based tools that allow photographers to quickly and easily improve their images.

  • Accent AI – Analyzes photos and automatically improves colors, details, tone, and depth.
  • AI Sky Enhancer – Automatically detects and improves skies
  • Foliage Enhancer – Automatically detects foliage and greenery and makes them more vivid and natural

7. 70+ One-Click Looks to Stylize Your Image

Luminar Flex comes preloaded with over 70 Looks (similar to presets). You can apply them to your images for a one-click process or as a starting point for your own unique vision. Additional free and premium Looks can be obtained in the Luminar Marketplace on the Skylum website.

Add Luminar Flex To Your Workflow

Luminar 3/Luminar 2018 Users – You get Flex for free!! Log in to the My Software section of your Skylum account for download and activation information.

Try Luminar Flex FREE – Click here to download a free 14 day trial.

Save $10 on Luminar Flex – If you’re new to Luminar you can purchase Flex for $59 $49 when you enter my promo code angandrieux at checkout.


If you have any questions about any of the Skylum apps let me know if the comments below or message me directly. I’m here to help!

7 thoughts on “7 Ways Luminar Flex can Boost Your Workflow

    1. Hi Diarmuid – Yes, I believe it does. However I have not tested it myself (I use Lightroom Classic CC). I suggest downloading the free 14 day trial here and making sure that it is a good fit for your workflow before purchasing.

  1. Have been trying to download Flex (have Luminar 3) for free but it’s not working thus far. I use Apple Photos. When logged into Skylum – My Software – there’s this section: Luminar Flex, Purchase 1/11/2017. Click on Download link. Then Download for Mac. Accept licensing agreement which goes to: Installation: Luminar Flex. Under destination Ps is highlighted (I don’t have it) so click change application, which brings up my list of applications. However, I’m not allowed to actually click on Photos. So, tried downloading Installation: Luminar Flex as it’s highlighted (as previously stated, Ps. As expected, I got notice that I first had to install said application. What am I doing wrong? Your help would be most welcome. Thank you!

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