4 MORE Reasons to get excited about Luminar Neo

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A few weeks ago I shared four new features that had been announced for the upcoming Luminar Neo. Well, Skylum just announced 4 more and they are pretty cool!

Solving Common Problems with AI Technology

Removing distracting elements like power lines and sensor dust may not seem that exciting on the surface, but I’m fairly certain that every photographer has had to deal with these challenges at one time or another. Fixing these issues can be tedious and time-consuming. Luminar Neo aims to change that.

Dust RemovalAI

Luminar Neo Dust Removal AI

Even the most fastidious photographer has to deal with sensor or lens dust from time to time. The problem only really becomes evident when we get home from a shoot and look at our photos on a larger computer monitor. With Neo’s AI detection, we’ll be able to skip the tedious step of selecting each individual spot and simply have the software remove them automatically.

Line RemovalAI

In the past, when photographing with distracting power lines I’d either recompose to avoid or minimize the lines or take the shot with the hopes of editing them out in Photoshop…which can be a royal PITA. Now that Neo’s Line RemovalAI is on the horizon, I’m seeing scenes with power lines a bit differently and I can’t wait to get my hands on this tool.

AI Compositing with Overlays in Luminar Neo

In conjunction with the addition of Layers, Neo will feature an overlay content library for those who want to expand their creativity with compositing, graphics, and other photographic elements into their images. I foresee this module as a reimagining of LuminarAI‘s Augmented Sky tool, allowing the placement of objects and elements anywhere in the scene (not just the sky).

Luminar Share mobile app

Luminar Share Mobile App

Luminar users have been begging for a mobile app for a long time, and Luminar Share is the first step in that direction. It doesn’t have any editing capabilities, but it will facilitate easily transferring images to and from your mobile phone so you can make your photos look their best and easily share them on social media.

Luminar Share connects to your photo library on your iOS or Android mobile device directly to Luminar Neo. Using a QR code pairing tool, Luminar Share creates a secure link between your mobile photo library and Neo. Advantages include:

  • A completely secure and private connection
  • Automatic, round-trip synchronization of photos and edits
  • Direct sharing from Luminar Neo to social networks
  • No additional cost for cloud storage

Luminar Neo Availability

Luminar Neo ships this winter and is currently available for preorder. Loyalty discounts are available for anyone who owns other Skylum applications.


Preorder with confidence! Luminar Neo comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that starts when the software ships.


If you have questions about Luminar Neo, please let me know in the comments below, or contact me directly. I’ll do my best to get answers for you!

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