3 Things Every Photographer Should Have In Their Camera Bag

3 Things Every Photographer Should Carry: Camera Manual, Flashlight, Multitool

3 Photography Tools Every Photographer Should Carry: Camera Manual, Flashlight, Multitool

Must-Have Photography Tools

No matter what style of photography you enjoy, there are three must-have photography tools that every photographer should have with them at all times. I’m not talking about things like camera bodies or extra batteries – you already know that, right?

  • Your Camera Manual – Modern cameras are sophisticated computers. They are capable of so much! There is no way I can remember every function because I don’t use all of them on a regular basis. Enter the handy camera manual: I can’t count the number of times that I’ve tried to find a particular function that I KNOW my camera is capable of, but can’t figure out where to change the setting. Keeping my camera manual in my bag has saved me loads of frustration. The manual pictured above is for my trusty Canon 6D.

Photography Tools | Camera and Camera Manual

  • A Flashlight – A must for all of those times when the sunset is so gorgeous that you lose all track of time and end up trekking back to the car, up a dirt path, in the dark. A flashlight is also quite handy if you decide to try out a bit of light painting. The little blue flashlight pictured above has been in my camera bag for ages and doesn’t have a brand marking. If I were to go purchase a new one today I’d probably snag a Maglite Mini Pro LED.

Photography Tools | Maglite Mini Pro LED Flashlight

  • A Multitool – There is no telling when this might come in handy, but I’ve used mine on numerous occasions. I’m partial to my Leatherman Micra as it doesn’t add much weight or bulk to my bag.

Photography Tools | Leatherman Micra

If these three photography tools aren’t already in your camera bag, go get them and put them in there now! You’ll be glad you did. I promise.

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