3 Reasons Why I process My HDR Photos with Aurora HDR

Comiso | Sicily | Italy | HDR

Comiso | Sicily | Italy | HDR

When it comes to merging multiple photos into an HDR, photographers have several choices. Over the years I’ve tried out several of pieces of software and Photomatix Pro was my go-to for a long time, but I can’t remember the last time I used it. These days, my favorite tone mapping software is Aurora HDR.

There are many things that make Aurora HDR awesome, but these 3 things keep me coming back:

  1. Image Quality – Hands-down, this is the most important factor! I can push the processing farther with fewer artifacts than I ever could with other tools.
  2. Layers – Don’t feel like jumping into Photoshop (or don’t have it)? Aurora HDR gives artists the ability to selectively enhance their images with blend modes, luminosity masks, and more!
  3. Simplicity – Don’t get me wrong, Aurora HDR has PLENTY of ways for you to craft your image, but the interface is simple and intuitive. I found it far easier to learn than other tools I’ve worked with over the years.

Are you ready to try Aurora HDR for yourself?

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Right now, Aurora HDR is offering a special deal for photographers interested in switching from another HDR software. Get Aurora HDR for just $79.99 (a $20 savings) when you switch from a competing HDR product. (a screenshot of your current software may be required) You’ll also get access to exclusive training & bonuses including:

  • Exclusive live webinar with Trey Ratcliff
  • 20 Minute Deep Dive Aurora HDR tutorial with Trey
  • Jeff Carlson HDR ebook
  • A Collection of full resolution textures from Flypaper Textures
  • How to HDR with Matt Suess

Once you’ve installed your new software, make sure you check out my quick video tutorial on exporting from Lightroom to Aurora HDR and download the free companion Lightroom preset!

If you are brand new to HDR, and don’t qualify for the promotion above you can always save 10% on Aurora HDR by entering coupon code ‘angandrieux’ at checkout.

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About the Photo Above

The photo above was one of my first “successful” HDRs, captured in 2009 in Comiso, Sicily. I reprocessed the 3 handheld, bracketed photos with Aurora HDR and while my original version was decent, this one is so much better! The image quality is better and I was able to bring out more detail with fewer artifacts. At the time I was shooting with a Canon XSi and Sigma 18-200 lens.


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  1. Peter on June 10, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Thank you for a great review, Angela!
    In case if any questions about Aurora HDR Pro arise, please feel free to contact our support team at support@aurorahdr.com

    • Angela Andrieux on June 10, 2016 at 2:42 pm

      Hi Peter, Happy to do it. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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