A Stunning Sunset Along the James River

Right Place, Right Time…Barely.

I nearly missed capturing this sunset. I was photographing fall colors in Mariner’s Park when the light started to change. By the time I got back to my car I could tell that the sunset was going to be spectacular…but I was surrounded by trees. A split second decision had me in the drivers seat and heading toward what I hoped was the James River waterfront.

About 5 minutes later (it felt a lot longer) the view opened up and there was the expansive James River with the sun setting on the far side. I snagged a parking place, grabbed my gear and ran to the water’s edge, all the while looking for the best place to frame my shot.

This was my reward…

James River Sunset | Newport News | Virginia
James River Sunset (Edited in Lightroom and Luminar 2018)


Blue Hour on the James River | Newport News | Virginia
Blue Hour on the James River (edited in Lightroom and Aurora HDR 2018)

The photo below took a bit of experimentation to capture. I noticed the perfect s-curve in the road and then waited for cars to come along (all while getting eaten by mosquitos). 25 seconds turned out to be the magic number. It was a bonus that I was able to capture one car coming and the other going!!

James River Light Trails | Newport News | Virginia
James River Light Trails (Edited in Lightroom and Luminar 2018)

I’m so glad I took the chance and chased the sunset! This area around Mariner’s Park has so much to offer. I need to make my way back there again soon.



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