The Happiest Place on Earth | Disneyland | Anaheim, CA

A lot has happened in the last few weeks: I’ve had portrait shoots, I got a NEW CAMERA {grin} and I took a trip up to Disneyland to meet my brother-in-law and his family! I’ve also been working on a couple of new projects, and just finished submitting SIX photos to the San Diego County Fair! I guess the lull in blogging is a result of being busy and living life! Not a bad compromise, really.

Before too much time passes I want to share a few of the photos I took at Disneyland. It was all about family time so I didn’t take too many art photos – but here are the ones I was able to sneak in between photographing my adorable nieces and nephew.

Disneyland | Anaheim, CA | Photo Supply Co

Disneyland | Anaheim, CA | Castle

Disneyland | Anaheim, CA | Detail of Dumbo Ride

Disneyland | Anaheim, CA | Detail of Dumbo Ride

Disneyland | Anaheim, CA | Toontown

And of course, the adorable nieces & nephew!

Disneyland | Anaheim, CA | My Nieces

Disneyland | Anaheim, CA | My Nephew

I hope you enjoyed a peek at my Disney vacation! There is more fun stuff on the horizon so stay tuned!

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